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with Smart ETF

Our algorithm will hit sell before
the market press the panic button.
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Reduce investment risk with
on-chain balanced portfolio

About us

Lower the risk

Nowadays, market is hard and unpredictable. Massive attention brings huge price change, to the top, or bottom. We understand that. Invest to the ETF and lower your potential risk or losing capital.

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Run by community

We listen to the people. We want to give you whole ownership to the ETF you’re participating. With governance, you, the investor, will decide about index future.

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Launch your own ETF

We will to you our unique platform, which gives you the opportunity to prepare your receipt for a remarkable ETF. You’ll be responsible for the whole algorithm and everything what’s happening under the hood.

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What is ETF?


What are our plans?

whitepaper-iconM1 - Q1 2k23


Read this tiny document to know everything what we’re planning to do

algorithm-iconM1 - Q1 2k23


With on-chain algorithm, we want to manage ETF the right way

etf-iconM1 - Q1 2k23


Completely on-chain managed solution

dex-iconM1 - Q2 2k23


You need a place to exchange ETFs, right?

governance-iconM2 - Q3 2k23


Each participant in ETF will have posibility to participate in major ETF decitions

utility token-iconM2 - Q3 2k23

Utility Token

Token allows you to participate in major ETF decisions, and launch your own ETF

launchpad-iconM3 - Q4 2k23


This is the day, where all of you can create your own, algorithmic ETF

It's time to own our future

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more attention. It is getting easier to enter this world and invest money. Usually people's main concern when investing in crypto is the market volatility and huge price changes. We understand that and we think that we can create a solution that will make it safer to invests.